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Ok, here's what's happening: // select ALL elements that are .block .title h2 span and loop through them $(".block .title h2 span").each(function(index) { // find the length of the text of THIS PARTICULAR element var x=$(this).text().length; // if the length of THIS PARTICULAR element is > 29 if(x > 29) { // change the ...


The link you refer has your answer, with only a small tweak, if you are in SP2013. Your url should be as follows: https://yoursite/_layouts/15/Upload.aspx?List={XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX} Note that 2013 uses /_layouts/15/Upload.aspx, whereas 2010 used /_layouts/Upload.aspx. You can get your library guid by going to the list settings for the ...


I figured it out myself Title Search: <input name="Title" type="text"/> <a onclick="location.href=this.href+Title.value;return false;" href="/sites/203/qaos/bp/Lists/Process%20Tickets/AllItems.aspx?View=&amp;SortField=ID&amp;SortDir=Desc&amp;FilterField1=LinkTitle&amp;FilterValue1="> Image</a>

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