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Managed paths for host-named site collections behave differently from managed paths for path-based site collections. Managed paths for host-named site collections are available to all host-named site collections within the farm regardless of the web application that the host-named site collection is in. In contrast, managed paths for path-based ...


Yes, You need to set the url for the HNSC. Even url comes with the content DB but not accessable. SO follow these steps. Mount-SPContentDatabase -Name -DatabaseServer -WebApplication -confirm:$false Get-SPSite -ContentDatabase | Format-Table -Property Url, ID Set-SPSite -Identity -Url Now test it.


You can use PowerShell to Restore Content Databse Backup Restore-SPSite -Identity <Site collection URL> -Path <Backup file> [-DatabaseServer <Database server name>] [-DatabaseName <Content database name>] [-HostHeader <Host header>] [-Force] [-GradualDelete] [-Verbose] <Site collection URL> - Will be the URL of the ...


For me this was caused by faulty account for the App Pool for just one of the WFE. This is a description of the investigation and eventual cause; After some routine maintenance on our SP2010 SP2 farm (which involved a reboot of servers) we noticed an intermittent 403 error on the main intranet page. This was quickly identified as an issue on one of the web ...

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