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Use the SharePoint Client Browser so see what settings this field has. You can not change settings with this tool.


Use PowerShell and see if the field is set to hidden. You could then un-hide it if required: $web = get-spweb http://sharepoint $list = $web.lists.TryGetList["ListName"] if ($list) { $fld = $list.fields | ? {$_.InternalName -eq "Title"} if ($fld) { $fld.ShowInNewForm } } To un-hide just update $fld.ShowInNewForm to $fld.ShowInNewForm ...


So you can't secure them individually as list item attachments. The easiest way may be to keep them separate in a library where only the users that need access have permissions. One method I can think of where you could achieve a "visual" separation is to use multiple list views and audiences. Create two audiences with each group of users. Add two list ...

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