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As suggested by somebody else, you should be using meta data columns rather than updating the form name. Create a hidden status field that has relevant string - maybe "first submission", "submitted" (whatever makes sense for your business process) And then when the submit button is clicked check to see whether the form has been submitted using the Action ...


You can use the source parameter in a query string to customize the redirect after form submit/cancel. Format looks like this: https://yourserver/sites/sitename/lists/listname/newform.aspx?source=https://yourserver/sites/sitename/pages/someotherpage.aspx Note that you have to have users click from a link you create somewhere and not from the usual new ...


Based on your comments, this is one possible solution: Add the "status" column to the default list view so you can display it next to the form's title. Create a new view that will be used for alerts only, and use a CAML query in the view filter to only display "Declined" forms. Create alerts for the necessary people that have an appropriate title (like ...


I have received the solution and it works smoothly. Step 1. Go to Data tab. Step 2. Go to Default Values Step 3. Right click (repeating) group Step 4. Choose: Exclude this group from the initial form. Boom.


Events will bubble up the DOM tree, so you can test for the Control Key on a parent element


It is little bit tricky task. You can use Content Editor WebPart for this and do some tricks. For more detail please see SharePoint change Save button to Send Another Approach for you may be : Create a JavaScript file and keep the code from above link. Upload it into Document Library and get the link Edit the page and WebPart where you want to change ...

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