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In Sharepoint 2013, with workflow manager installed, you can create a workflow that start when an item is added to the library. The workflow first check if the item content type is folder. If its a folder, then the workflow can do other task like sending an email or assign a task for approval.


Have a look at this link which contains pretty much the same question like you got.


fine-grained permissions is when you break this inheritance for any securable object that is at a lower level in the hierarchy by editing the permissions (creating a unique permission assignment) on that securable object. We recommend that you use fine-grained permissions only when a business case justifies it. Fine-grained permissions can increase the ...


Fine-grained permissions can influence security on a SharePoint farm. Potential performance issues can occur when you use fine-grained permissions. Assign permissions at the highest possible level (Folder instead of documents). As part of this strategy, consider the following techniques: Put documents that require fine-grained permissions in document ...


As per you requirement, you have to make decision, whether you need Folder-SubFolder or document sets or sub site, as you need unique permission so it is little tricky. It also depend what type of documents you want to store in it. Manage Metadata can help you in views and search but will not help in permission management. I am thinking of create Folders ...


You can make use of document set. Document set are the best alternative for folders. So each document set will have unique permission to achieve it.


You don't have permissions for Managed Metadata so if you need permissions you have no way around of breaking permission inheritance. Be aware that if you have more than 5000 items on the list that have the permission inheritance broken, SharePoint will do extra round trips to SQL server and you will start seeing performance hit, source. So, consider the ...


Recently I answered a very similar question here. If you need all of the folders and subfolders (but no documents) recursively from a document library, that is what you should use (send it via POST to the server due to GetItems method call): /_api/web/Lists/GetByTitle('Title of your doc. ...


You could utilize GetItems method and specify the following query: <View Scope="RecursiveAll"> <Query> <Where> <Eq> <FieldRef Name="FSObjType" /><Value Type="Integer">1</Value> </Eq> </Where> </Query> </View> to return all ...

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