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Yes the web part connection would be the best way to get this done through OOTB. Since there are only 3 options, I would like to suggest one of these. Add a list view webpart where the list is grouped by the field you wish to. It is much effective and the easiest. Create 3 views and add some jquery tabbing where each tab will display items related to ...


Try this- Worked for me. Convert your multiple lines of text field to a Single line of text. Create the view using the "is not equal to" and then leave the criteria blank. Once the view is created change the field back to multiple lines of text.


Use double quotes to find exact phrases. If you want to learn about "AD.300" and don't want a bunch of results that include documents that include the word. This tells the search engine to find the exact phrase inside the quotes. Look about more nice tips about search ...


You need to define a list view with a filter on the "claim completed" field. Create a new view or edit an existing view. Scroll down to the Filter section. In the dropdown "Show the items when column" select the "Claim completed" column. in the next dropdown select "is equal to" in the text box below type "no" Save the view. The view will now show ...

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