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You could use Audience Targeting on the List View Web Parts. For instance for the default LVWP for your document library, set its target audience to be the Teachers group. Then add another LVWP for the same document library to the same page, set its target audience to be the Students group, set up a view for that LVWP that filters by Created by = [Me], and ...


I'm not sure about preventing access to a view, but you could prevent access to the documents. I've had this requirement before, so I create a SharePoint 2010 list workflow with an impersonation step that, when the document is created/uploaded, permissions are replaced with the user who created it, and whoever else needs access. I try to use groups as much ...


You can easily use JQuery to get the filter by partial id. SPTextSlicerValueTextControl is the end of the ID of a SharePoint text filter input field. filterValue = $('input[id*=SPTextSlicerValueTextControl]');

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