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You can set Draft Item Security to Only users who can approve items (and the author of the item) in Versioning Settings of Document library. After the the user other than Other or Approver will be able to see the last pulished version only (i.e., 1.0,2.0,etc) Below is the screen shot after setting the option: Below is the screen shot with other user ...


You mention jQuery, but it can be done without. SharePoint 2013 has its own subset of jQuery called mQuery So a (rather brute) method is to replace all html inside the TH tags with its own label (from the A tag) EnsureScriptFunc('mQuery.js', 'm$', function() { m$('[id^=diidSort]').forEach(function(tag){ if(tag.tagName==='A'){ ...


You've ran into this problem 3 hours before me going by the time of your post. Apparently one of the issues is that in IE11 you have to turn on compatibility mode. Once I did that it worked, and then I had to select "Get filter values" rather than parameters in order to get the list of filter options. I hope that helps!

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