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You just need to do it the other way round. Make it: Approval Status is equal to rejected OR Approval Status is equal to pending AND Created by is equal to [Me] which gives you (a OR b) and c.


The new page added in layouts folder "inplview.aspx". When paging, sorting or filtering happens there is an AJAX call to the inplview.aspx and it returns a JSON based result set. That is the rows of the defined list view webpart. The "inplview.aspx" generates the "inplviewhash" tag and appends it with "#" in url.


From: http://www.makdeniz.com/how-to-filter-sharepoint-2010-tasks-which-are-assigned-to-you-and-the-group-your-are-member-of/ Step 1: Open SharePoint designer then open site that you want to study. Select the task list or any list that you want to filter. When you select task list you will see a panel right site of designer called views. Then select the ...


Chris, Your impression is correct. If you index a column, filter on it, and if the results returned are less than or equal to the list view threshold (5000), then you will be able to see the results returned by the query. The only reasons I can think of for this not work would be: You are filtering on other columns that are not indexed. You are ...

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