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Yes you can. Just go to modify view page, and add the filters like this: closing date is greater than or equal to [Today] publish date is less than or equal to [Today]


Not sure about OOTB Chart Web Part. But it is possible with a 3rd party web part, Plumsail Dashboard Designer. You can find a sample with filtering on their demo site.


I think there are four issues with what you are trying: Your managed property names cannot have spaces in them, i.e. presuming start date and end date are your list columns, you need to find the names of managed properties associated with them. So your query might become like this: Today >= "StartDate" && Today < "EndDate" You will need ...


Use the AND operator to join the filters'MyList')/items?$filter=Column1 eq 1 AND Column2 eq 2 AND Column3 eq 3


Create a calculated column to sumarize criteria and then filter with this new column. Perhaps you need to create one or two calculated column. You do need code or sharepoint designer for this solution.


No, if you put HTML inside a Calculated Column (and set the datatype to anything but single-line of text to output the HTML) the bare HTML code itself will be displayed in the filter choices. Only in the View is the HTML code not escaped; it will appear as bare HTML on Forms, in Alert emails and more places. A way too complex workaround is to add ...

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