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Using JSOM you can find the current user login and create the View URL dynamically. var clientContext = new SP.ClientContext.get_current(); var oWeb = clientContext.get_web(); var currentUser = oWeb.get_currentUser(); clientContext.load(currentUser); clientContext.executeQueryAsync(function() { //currentUser.get_loginName(); //currentUser.get_id(); }...


You should select the view as "Full list view" in view section. This enable all the collumn in the list. Hope this help. Below is the screen shot


The page reloads when you click your link, so you need to put JavaScript on the page which on load: extracts the FilterValue1 query string parameter find the corresponding link applies the css Step 2 will be a lot easier if you add an id to each link So if you define your links like this: <a id="linkA" href="?FilterField1=FirstLetter&...


You can't use REST API to filter list view (for exemple your SPView: /TestList/AllItems.aspx) To filter list view you should use CAML query (in the list settings, you could edit your views, and ADD filter to fields of your list). (ou can group, and do operation like count/sum/avarage ....). The user will not view this filter (so give to it a good title). ...

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