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What you are seeing are references in your database after a solution/webpart that was not removed correctly. I assume that you just uninstalled and removed the solution? If you know in which site och sub site the web part and feature was activated, you could add and install the solution again to your farm and follow those steps: Go to the site or sub ...


there are couple of ways to remove it. Using the powershell script, check this link CodePlex solution SharePoint Feature Administration and Clean Up Tool


Not from the GUI, but it can be Enabled/Disabled via the object model (at least C# and PowerShell)


This error happens if you deploy a solution which contains a visual web part to a different web application on the same farm as the web application where it is already installed. In other words, you have two web applications, A and B on the same SharePoint farm. You want to deploy solution S which contains a visual web part to web application B, but it is ...

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