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Feature activation from UI uses the current user context. You can use elevated code if you want normal users to gain more privileges.


This is by design. SharePoint will not remove those libraries. You can manually remove those and it will not cause any problems. Later if you activate the Publishing feature will create those if it doesn't exists.


Victor Wilén did a pretty good writeup on the SharePoint project that I have found applicable in my work situtations. The template was an output of a collaborative conference, held in London couple of years ago. THe creation of the template involved several Microsoft MVP's, including: Andrew Connell, Ben Robb, Eric Schupps, Matthew McDermott, Mirjam van ...


I confirm this works perfectly. Note that when an image is deployed in the Style Library for SharePoint 2013, a SP 2013 Sandbox solution feature Image URL property should be modified to ../../../Style%20Library , as the images folder in SP 2013 translates to /_layouts/15/images (i.e. you need to go three levels up instead of 2).


Well. It really depends on which feature you have to activate. The id of a feature does not change during its life. This means that if you can find out the id you will be sure it stays the same, regardless of the specific SharePoint farm instance. That said, you can "hardcode" your ID in a support class, much like SharePoint does with fields id in the ...

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