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I solved it this way: Create a site collection feature which is responsible for deploying font/spcolor files, master page, Background Image etc. Create a web scoped Feature which sets the theme, masterpage, font and the Background image in FeatureActivated-Method. Establish a Feature dependency, so the web Feature can only be activated when the site ...


Check solution's deployment type. If it's set to ApplicationServer, the features won't be installed automatically. You need to have it set to WebFrontEnd if you want to avoid doing Install-SPFeature after deploying your solution.


I guess your mistake is that SPSite is not the properties.Feature.Parent when your Feature has Scope Webapplication. Try this instead: SPWebApplication webApp = (SPWebApplication)properties.Feature.Parent; foreach (SPJobDefinition job in webApp.JobDefinitions){ if (job.Name == List_JOB_NAME) job.Delete(); }


Yes you can order the artifacts in a feature. Select the artifacts that are in the feature one at a time and click the < button remove the artifacts. Then add them to the feature by selecting them one at a time and clicking the > button to add them in the order you want. You can also double click them to add or remove them instead of selecting one ...

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