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There is n o restriction as such that both the features should be in same project. It is always good practice to keep separate project for site columns/content types/List & Libraries.Below are the points to be kept in mind while creating feature stapling: Staplee feature should be having higher scope than stapled feature. eg: if stapled feature is site ...


Since you want to apply master page to all sites within a web application and a web application can have several site collections and each site collection can have many sub sites. So, here is how I will go about it. Create a site collection feature which uploads master page to library. Create a web scoped feature (staplee feature). This feature will check ...


Based on your comment, create a separate feature for page provisioning and add it in FeatureSiteTemplateAssociation after the lists are created and put the feature which adds XsltListViewWebPart third in the order. So by the time the code in feature activated event of third feature is called both Lists and Pages will be available.


We had the same problem. We had a stapling feature that was applying branding to my personal sites. Staplers code ran, but MDS was still active. What we did, was to add a custom control to a personal site master page which deactivated MDS when site was loaded. In this custom control we added if/else check if this code ran once ( by putting value to ...

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