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I found the solution. Forgot to publish the content type and run the timer job (content type hub & subscriber). After that everything worked! I don't have to run the timerjobs in the feature (code), it works without it!


PowerShell below will update the current farm “MDSFeature” XML to disable for all newly created site collections and child webs. If you need to support IE8 and older browsers this can be helpful. The feature GUID technically remains active but won’t do anything with missing DLL assembly detail. After desktops upgrade (IE11/Win8) then this change can be ...


We had the same problem couple of months ago, after digging too much we open a MSFT case. Here how we solve it. after updating the wsp, we check if new dll deployed. we also check if updated DLL loaded recycle the SharePoint timer services on all servers. We use the decompiler tool to find which assembly loaded. In our case, even after updating( many ...

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