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Try to access the direct link like changing the value of ctype= with the right value of your content type. server:port/yoursite/_layouts/ManageContentType.aspx?ctype=0x010082D2F7E6BD173D4DA0CF8C68A9EEA477 Check in advanced settings if the content type s marked as read only and change it back to non read only. Then you can delete it.


Looks like it is a DLL caching issue. When you start Powershell command line window, it loads all DLLs available in the GAC. So, if you have updated DLL for the feature receiver, and deploying it within the same PS session then it will not reload updated DLL. I had experienced similar behaviour before. To tackle it, I created two seperate PS1 files. First ...


I assume you are trying to send an Email to document library where you have configured the Incoming email settings. If you want to fire an event when an email is uploaded to a document library, you need to write an event receiver derived from SPEmailEventReceiver and override EmailReceived method. Here is a reference. MSDN sample.

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