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It might be a bit late now but you can use a the SharePoint Online Automation cmdlets https://sharepointonlineautomationcmdlets.codeplex.com/ to do this. Just write a function which uses Get-SPOSubWebs and runs through all of the subsites recursively and use the Install-SPOWebFeature cmdlet to activate the features. Something like $ctx = Get-SPOContext url ...


Your code is wrong, it's using the same variable name twice. It should be: SPEventReceiverDefinition grpUserAdded = site.EventReceivers.Add(); grpUserAdded.Name = "Event Receiver Group User Added"; grpUserAdded.Type = SPEventReceiverType.GroupUserAdding; grpUserAdded.Assembly = "BI.Lofbergs.Intranet.Business, Version=, ...

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