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With KQL it is only possible to query by day ranges. If you want to use something like DateTime.Now you will have to use FQL instead, see link


Your understanding is not correct. So rule, if a crawl is running and schedule for another crawl schedule (Lets say full) on the same content source is approached then running crawl always took the priority & continue. Now Full crawl will be skipped and wait for the next schedule which is next week in your case. If you don't want to overlap them then i ...


You can check the Fast Search Server Version by In Control Panel, under Programs and Features, click "Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint" and you will see the version number here as well.Also click on View installed updates to see all installed updates. Fast search server is seprate product then the Sharepoint, So SharePoint patches/Hotfix ...


When you do an index reset with FAST in central admin you also have to clear the content collection using powershell from one of the FAST servers. This ensures the crawl database and index are in sync.

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