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You can use Sharepoint server object model to get data from External list: SPSite oSpSite = new SPSite("http://spdevserver:1002/"); SPWeb oSPWeb = oSpSite.OpenWeb(); SPList oSpList = oSPWeb.Lists["Products"]; SPListItemCollection oSpListCln = oSpList.Items; foreach (SPListItem item in oSpListCln) { Console.WriteLine(item["Product Name"] + "\n"); } In ...


This post seems a bit old but it might help someone else. 1) Open SharePoint Designer then open your site 2) On the left click External Content Types 3) then select External Content Type on the ribbon 4) Fill in the name for the ECT 5) then click on External System link "Click here to discover external data sources and define operations" 6) click on ...


You can use a content query web part. Then customize it in such a way it can be set to display image instead of the url. I am not sure whether you can customize the entire External List. When you are using the Content query Web Part you can customize the XSLT in it. There then set it to view the image instead of url.


(1) SP will display it as it could not connect to the external data source. Sometimes we setup manual caching mechanisms and as I know, it supports caching by default for Outlook. (2), (3) and (4) When a Business Data column is created, it creates another column associated with it which will be named with a suffix "_ID" to the Business Data Column. You can ...

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