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You can create an External Content Type and expose the SQL data to SharePoint. Then create an External List through which you can perform the CRUD operations against the SQL database data. Creating an External Content Type based on SQL table Open a SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer Click External Content Type On the New External Content Type page, ...


You should create two operations Read List - This should not have any filters applied and this should be used by the List Read Item - This should have the filters and will be used for filtering


So after much trial and error and reading everything I could, I have found the general issue, so sharing so anyone else that stumbles upon this. The issue is that the wildcard does not seem to be capable of passing the functions such as substringof() or startswith() to the ODataEntityUrl. You have to use a Comparison instead of a Wildcard. Here is the ...


While adding the ReadList operation you can specify a Filter. Select the Data Source Element and then click Filter link. Once the filter is setup you can use that to pass the parameter. For that open the External List in browser. Then say modify view. Then put the Filter Value.

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