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After weeks of labour this issue decided to import external data direct to SharePoint internal lists using MS SQL SSIS adapters.


After lots of hits and trials, following two approaches helped me resolve the issues. The column titles in SQL Server had symbols like $, % and _. I removed these symbols and just included plain texts in the column titles. The SQL Server table had more than 20k rows. I deleted all rows and just kept 1 row. Then I tried to create new Edit Form in ...


It is possible to make some fields Read Only for an External List. The idea is to create a new Edit Form in SharePoint Designer. The original EditForm.aspx file does not show tables and columns in it. Once you create a new EditForm.aspx file, Edit it in Advanced Mode. You can see all the table structure, columns, labels etc. in XSLT Format. Find attribute, ...


You need to check the Uls Logs(may be enable the verbos for BCS) and also check the Application logs on sharepoint server as well as on the SQL server. Most common reason for not being able to get to the database, apart from someone forgetting to plug it into the network or switch it on, is permissions. And usually the database is SQL Server and we don't ...

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