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Because I could not get an answer to the event handling in PowerShell, the posted Import PowerShell script does not work. As a solution, I merged the two scripts and ported them to C#. Here is the code. using System; using Microsoft.SharePoint; namespace MigrateArticles { public class Program { #region Shared Constants protected static ...


The easiest way would be to create a new application page and display all the pages that you need using iframe elements. The other way would be to create custom web part that would collect all data from SharePoint DB to display all repotrs. You can use this post to get details for second choise. If you would need more help let me know.


I believe the PowerShell cmdlets "export-spweb" and "import-spweb" will bring the views along with them. For example... # To export export-spweb -identity $srcweburl -path "\\server\c$\BackupDir" -itemurl $listname -confirm -force -haltonerror -includeusersecurity -nofilecompression; # To import import-spweb -identity $tgtweburl -path ...


Jason, Can you please try the suggestion given in following question: How can you move a document with its version history to a new library? It says Just moved (drag & drop) a file in Explorer View from one document library to another, and it did retain previous versions! Obviously both libraries need to have versioning enabled. Try it ...

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