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Copy/Paste works, little more time intensive but you don't have that many posts. Also, you may want to look into Wikis for collaborative editing of "items"


I have not found a way to do this either. But I found one workaround: To avoid having to open each response to see the selection made, I found that the RSS feed view at a least contained the value chosen. From there I copied the feed into excel and cleaned it up. I tried attaching the list in Ms Access - but it isn't an available list to choose. If ...


Had the same problem with two user fields containing texts. Export works fine without them. And the Solution was to add additional Filter to the View! The Filter is on Date Created Field (in my case) > xx and it's set so that all the data that we were displaying before is also shown, the additional Filter does not return any less Results, so the amount of ...


You can always create a temporary list view before an export and choose to only show list items that were created between the days of your choice. An example to filter out the items would be to only show items when 'created' is greater than or equal to [Today]-3 and 'created' is less than or equal to [Today]-1 as it's the 29th june today. Then the view ...

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