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You must type a location ( preferably a local location on the server or a shared network location ) and then a filename for your export. For example: C:\backups\backupFileName.cmp


When you export it, you need to provide a path and a file name where it will store the exported package. This could be one of the WFE servers or an app server or a network file share.


None of the above should be necessary. The "Action" options are dependent on the view used. Open the "Overview" view, click "Actions" and the export option magically appears. There's no way anyone would know this so this is a good example of the bad design / UX that plagues Sharepoint.


You can use PowerShell to get this information Function GetFiles($folder) { Write-Host $folder.Name foreach($file in $folder.Files) { Write-Host $file.Name } foreach ($subFolder in $folder.SubFolders) { GetFiles($Subfolder) } } $web = Get-SPWeb http://weburl $list = $web.Lists["ListName"] ...


I think fallout's answer partially answers the question. His 'if statement' checks if items exist, then updates items if they exist, otherwise it creates new items if they do not exist. Depending on your columns, the trick is to update only those items that have changed in the CSV file (required for efficient version control in the sharepoint list).

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