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This Microsoft article has info on Office integration: Synchronize SharePoint 2010 content with Outlook 2010 -- http://office.microsoft.com/en-nz/sharepoint-foundation-help/synchronize-sharepoint-2010-content-with-outlook-2010-HA101881295.aspx Calendars are not included in this, though. You can view a SharePoint calendar in Outlook and you can update a ...


• We have SharePoint Server 2013 installed and have setup the Search Service Application. Currently we are crawling various content sources which all work fine. However we are having issues with showing correct results for Exchange Public Folders 2010. We have setup the content source and crawl rule as described here: Link: ...


Yes, it can index public folders, see http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj591608.aspx If you really need shared mailboxes, have a look at available connectors from Raytion or BA-Insight. Alternatively, you can federate search results from Exchange.


If you do not have Exchange 2013, the solution is to deactivate the Farm Feature "Farm Level Exchange Task Sync". Steps: Open Central Administration Go to System Settings -> Manage Farm Features Deactivate the Feature Farm Level Exchange Task Sync You find a more detailed description in this post!


Unfortunately this is by design. When you get to Exchange 2013, you will have the ultimate experience of aggregration of all tasks across SharePoint and Exchange. With the creation of the cross farm aggregatinon of tasks to the newsfeed, the connecting to outlook feature was taken away. Once you are on Exchange 2013 that aggregration feature will work in ...


TechNet documentation is wrong. Do not use -IsTrustBroker parameter when creating trusted token issuer.

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