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You can do this by changing InheritsThemedCssFolderUrl in AllProperties bag Something like spweb.AllProperties["__InheritsThemedCssFolderUrl"] = true;


To resolve this issue, I had to delete the task list and recreate.


The error is really not self-explanatory, however the only problem is that you don’t have enough permissions on the Site or Web. Even if you are a farm admin and local admin on the server, some SharePoint PowerShell Commands will not allow you to run at the Site or Web level. Easiest way to fix it, since you already have access to the server, give yourself ...


Event Receiver will always trigger when we do inline editing for a list item. In ItemUpdating of my event receiver class, I am using properties.AfterProperties['Field1'].But this 'Field1' column is not visible in my inline editing that makes the return value as null always and stops Aborting the event. To overcome this issue,i just call the ...


This totally depends on your requirement. Please refer following points this will be helpful for your decision. If you need the ability to cancel the process, you should use Event Receiver. It is not possible to cancel the action(update/delete/add) in Workflows. If input is require from user or you need any kind of user interaction then you should go for ...

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