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First, look in the site's Recycle Bin. If it truly was a delete, it should be there (be sure to use a site collection admin account to check). Next, look in the Site Collection Recycle Bin. Items removed from a site's recycle bin get moved to the site collection recycle bin. Both of these options display the name of the "Deleted by" person. Barring ...


You've stated that you're doing a web.EventFiringEnabled = false in the event receiver for List1. This will disable event firing across your entire web, including for List2. This explains why your event receiver for List2 is not firing.


You might have a couple instances of the same event receiver attached. You can check by running the following PowerShell commands and look for duplicates: If you attach event receivers to a site collection: Add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell $site = Get-SPWeb http://webapp/sites/SiteCollection $site.EventReceivers | sort Type | ft Class, Type ...


I cannot see where your code could fail. But this might be happening if you had multiple event receivers attached to the list. You can check by running the following PowerShell commands: Add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell $web = Get-SPWeb http://webapp/sites/site $list = $web.Lists["List"] $list.EventReceivers | sort Type | ft Class, Type If ...

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