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No it is not possible to add an event receiver to a list in sharepoint hosted app. Event receivers can only be added to provider hosted and autohosted apps. Notice that as soon as you try to add remote event receiver to sharepoint hosted app it adds a remote web to the project and turns into cloud hosted app.


I found some documentation referencing the above behavior and explains it. When attaching content-types to lists/libraries, the content-types event-handlers are automatically added to the list's event-handler collection. This it to support some basic list/library functionality which has been around since WSS 3.0 already. Even though all the event-handlers ...


I think your mistake is to not call properties.ListItem.SystemUpdate(); after setting the field value on the item: public override void ItemAdded(SPItemEventProperties properties) { string projectType = properties.ListItem["ProjectTypes"].ToString().Replace(" ", ""); string webUrl = properties.ListItem["ProjectUrl"].ToString(); string webTitle ...

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