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Please try deleting "Error Web Part" from web part maintenance page. This is your "LightningConductorWebPart" which is throwing error.


You might be using a wrong 'Web' object. It shouldn't be System.Web or Microsoft.Web. It should be from Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb namespace. So first of all you need to get an 'SPWeb' object from 'properties'. Depending on where you are activating the feature, it should be something like this: If you are activating a Web scoped feature: SPWeb web = ...


Re-index feature has been introduced in SharePoint 2013.I don't think it is available in SharePoint 2010 . Please ensure the crawl account should have a "Full Read" property, using a Web Application policy.I think your crawl account do not have full control for those items. To ensure that crawl account have permissions to read those items log in using the ...


Appear to have got to the bottom of this. The compiling was going round in circles due to McAfee AV blocking access to C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727. Digging deeper this inherited environment didn't have the best practice AV exclusions published by Microsoft applied. Once the exclusions were added, the issue went away. Still intrigued why ...


I am not sure, if you can drill down till items but you can do for the list/library or site itself. Re-index a document library or a list On the site, go to the list or library that you want to re-index. In the ribbon, click the Library tab or the List tab. In the Library ribbon, choose Library Settings, or, In the List ribbon choose List Settings. On ...


You are ending the calculation with ="<, that would not be valid.


Try to update your Workflow Manager 1.0 with CU2. Will resolve your problem, no need to change ID. (This CU2 update worked for me.)

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