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It looks like at some point, you tried to configure Workflow Manager to work with SharePoint (so you can create/deploy/use 2013 mode workflows). To do so, you set up Workflow Manager (a dedicated -free- product) and then connected SharePoint to it. Workflow Manager generally sets up on http://<WFserver>:12291/, where WFserver is the Web server you ...


What you can do is: Create a page, with Content type of "Error Page" , which is now available in SharePoint 2013. Delete out of the box Page not found error page. Rename newly created error page with same name as default.


from Central admin, You Cannot back up directly to tape. The backup location must be a UNC path or local drive. But if you have load balanced Central admin( means hosted on multiple servers, by default it is hosted on one server), then you can select either server. or create the UNC path and it will place the backup over their. Choose backup and recovery ...


Several people ran into the issue that list views stop working after installing MS16-004. The security fix contains a code change which requires as well an update to the not localized and to the localized files of the SharePoint foundation component. Localized and not localized file are installed through two different msp files and the security fix package ...

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