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Looking at your error that it's reporting: Go to the project: MyWebPart Go to the class: VisualWebPart1UserControl within that class you have a control that is called: FillFilterBoxes It is that control that is throwing the null value exception! The error clearly states 'Value cannot be null' so the default value needs not be null. What ...


This is a bug or at least unexpected behavior, introduced on the April 2014 Cumulative Update. I've been monitoring the solving process of this issue and even the latest CU of August 2014 seems to not fix this issue. There are couple of posts about this subject including temporary workarounds. See: ...


You need to: Create a Secure Store Service Generate a new key Create a Target Application specific to Visio Copy the Target Application ID Paste it in the Visio Graphics Service Global Settings Source: http://daniecsp.blogspot.com/2012/11/sp-2010-unattended-service-account.html


Do you have anything else using the Secure Terms Store? If you don't then the easiest solution is to remove both the Secure Store Service and Visio Services Application then recreate the Secure Store and set it up with a key. once you've done that successfully, recreate the Visio Services and input your unattended service account credentials.

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