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You can create a custom permission level that does not allow deleting. You'd essentially copy contribute and deselect the delete option. This solves point 1. For point 2, there isn't really anything that handles this. Item level security settings on lists comes close, but it isn't fully what you need and isn't available in libraries. You'd probably need to ...


The SPFile object has a ForwardLinks and Backwards link property that contain SPLinkCollection that you may be able to query. Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell -ea 0; $web = get-spweb '<url>' $list = $web.lists['Pages']; foreach($file in $list.items){ $links = $file.ForwardLinks; foreach($link in $links){ if($link.url ...


You dont have an OOTB solution for this however there are various features that might make this process easier and more reliable: Establish good naming conventions ("the horse" is not a well-accepted name, one would naturally choose "horse") so that editors will naturally give the same name to the same subject. Make it easy for editors to find similar ...


No there is nothing like this ootb. You might be able to rig up something that takes input from when they create the page title and leverage search to pull back a list of possible matches, just like how the stack exchange sites work.


The short of it is you can't with workflow, they operate after the item has been added or changed. You need to use an event receiver to do that if you want to perform some operations before the item is saved. You would want to look at the ItemUpdating event, since you want to do it as part of the edit operation.


Here is what I found You change home page to new name SharePoint set site home page = new name Tries to change the name of actual file I believe step#2 should have been done after #3 or there should be a rollback mechanism


This message will show when we edit the properties of a page no matter which library / wikis we upload it to, it seems to be by design. If you have any webpart on the page, once you click on it, it will give you control to perform maintenance on the webpart i.e. Close, Reset. Delete etc. To remove that i think you need to Customized the EditForm.aspx.

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