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It's not possible to change the outgoing e-mail address today, but it's a requested feature which may be implemented in the future. I guess you where just lucky receiving another outgoing e-mail adress, since the default is no-reply@sharepointonline.com.


I would not do that. SharePoint is not the best with long running workflows. Using SharePoint designer workflows in this fashion takes some doing with multiple lists and such that work off each other. Barring a completely custom solution, I would at either: Using a scheduled task to check the items and send the email Using a scheduled task to start a ...


It can be possible that not working one WFE server may cause problem. So best solution will be to check whether alerts mail are triggered from SharePoint is to check drop folder in smtp server. There you can find mails from SharePoint Alerts if these mail didn't reach to you. Path will be C:\inetpub\mailroot\Drop Also, check folder ...


SharePoint Online doesn't support this functionality OOB, but using 3rd party solutions you can do it. Please check out link "How to Create HelpDesk on SharePoint Online" it describes very similar use case.

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