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Navigate to Central Administration -> System Settings -> Email and text messages section -> Configure outgoing e-mail settings.


Please try to clear the config cache followed this knowledge base article, restart the SharePoint Timer and wait for the effect. KB Article by MS You can also run the following query against the Web Application content database to determine if there is an orphaned item in the table. Select * from SecheduledWorkItems where ID=’GUID’ If the item and ...


You can change it via central admin: Directly go to this link http://CAurl.com/_admin/globalemailconfig.aspx Central Admin> System Settings> Configure outgoing e-mail settings Or use the powershell $SMTPServer = 'mail.dotnetsharepoint.com' $FromAddress = 'jlakshmitulasi@dotnetsharepoint.com' $ReplytoAddress = 'jlakshmitulasi@dotnetsharepoint.com' $Charset ...


I have the same problem. I ended up with a solution where I insert a link to the dispform, but suffixed with &linkfromemail=true. On the dispform page I have a hidden content editor web part, where source is edited to contain the following javascript, which forwards to editform: <script> function qsSearchInUrlString(key) { key = ...

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