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If I try to edit my work email by going to my profile and clicking edit profile, I cannot change it either: However, you can go to the admin site (https://<tenant>-admin.sharepoint.com/), click on User Profiles > Manage User Profiles, search and edit your profile. Scroll down to find Work email, and you will be able to edit it: To view your ...


One of the options to go with is timer job. Which runs on daily basis. You can include following logic in code: Traverse all sub sites and all the lists. Get the items which are created in last 24 hours and get count of that. Prepare email body content with list name and respective list items. Send email. Thanks.


To setup work email go to: Office 365 admin center -> Admin SharePoint -> user profiles. And there select manage user profiles. You should find your user there and then you can edit properties of the user. To check email @MyOnlineCompany.onmicrosoft.com just press Mail icon in App launcher - button on left, in the ribbon


There are few things we need to check. Is Outlook installed on your SharePoint 2013 server? If yes then, have you referenced it? Ways to reference the dll which is to be used in Application Page or else where Best Practice: If you are making a deployment .wsp for your project then place this dll in your package. Open up your SharePoint Project in ...

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