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There is no white listing functionality that exists in SharePoint Online like that. Your option would be to Allow both external users who accept sharing invitations and anonymous guest links or individually manage access. I would rather do the latter. It isn't too much effort to add external users as necessary. My best practice is to create a new group on ...


A simple way is to create a list with a Subject and Message field. Attach a workflow to it, which fires on new item creation and supply the required email. This way you would have all the emails sent in the list and can be archived for future reference. Edit: The subject and message can be selected using the Lookup for String dialog.


Based on your sample email, you are missing the "SSL" portion within your input. When you are splitting the entries into arr you are only getting back 8 items rather than 9. Attempting to access arr[8] when it doesn't exist will cause Object reference not set to an instance of an object. You should add some validation regarding length on the split lines. ...

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