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Are you running into this issue? http://www.bfcnetworks.com/blogs/alexpearce/10-things-you-should-know-about-office-365-before-signing-up/ I have not yet found any way around #9 :( Basically means any email coming from O365 Sharepoint is useless for end users to correspond back via email. Only thing I've seen some places do is to add hyperlinks in the ...


MSG files are a proprietary format only recognized by Microsoft Outlook. The only format the Windows SMTP service understands are EML files. UPDATE You just can't save an Outlook MSG file directly into SharePoint or Windows SMTP Server. You need either an Exchange Server or any other SMTP/POP/IMAP server Outlook can communicate with. I personally use the ...


If you have access to PowerShell, try this: First check to see if eml is an permitted Mime Type. Look for message/rfc822 $webApp = Get-SPWebApplication("http://yourwebappurl") $webApp.AllowedInlineDownloadedMimeTypes If it is in that list, remove it $webApp.AllowedInlineDownloadedMimeTypes.Remove("message/rfc822") $webApp.Update() Here's a lengthy ...


I've run into this several times, it isn't enabled by default. It needs to be enabled via PowerShell: $spWebService = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService $spWebService.DeclarativeWorkflowAutoStartOnEmailEnabled = $true $spWebService.Update()

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