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Deploy the event receiver and do not activate the Feature.The elements file only attaches the event receiver to list when feature is activated. Attach the event receiver to list from your powershell afterwards.


In your case you don't need a feature. All you need is a class library with your event receiver class, sign the assembly and deploy it to GAC. Then with PowerShell register the event receiver for the list you want.


There is another option how to add Event Receiver to a specific List - add the Event Receiver to the Content Type. Steps: Create custom Content Type for a List Add the Event Receiver to the Content Type Add Content Type to a specific List in order to register the Event Receiver In that case you will be able to control on which List an Event Receiver ...


How about attaching it to a dummy list which does not actually exist in the web and then later attaching it to the actual list using Powershell.

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