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We used and alternate option to delete the files and folders using the delete icon in ribbon.


Sometimes whenever we update any list item, list or SPWeb instance you may get "The security validation for this page is invalid. Click Back in your Web browser, refresh the page, and try your operation again" This is because of some security validation while updating the modification to the content database, so, in order to escape from that exception we ...


This is not easy task from what i understand. You want to change the domain name for you sharepoint farm, correct? Moving SharePoint Server to different domain is not supported, you have to build the new farm on destination farm then migrate the database to new farm. But if you are moving users to different domain then it will be different story.


There are many variations you can take with this - and really you need to consider more than just your content. For true separation: I would have a dedicated DC to manage service accounts. I would break up my DMZ behind firewall contexts with a reverse proxy publishing SharePoint at the edge. proxy/firewall -- SP Server -- Firewall -- SQL/DC For true ...


It is depend upon how you configure the your farm.Here the steps you can perform to merge both farms. Make sure both farms are same patch level. Same Solutions / Customization deployed to both farm(if any) Destination must have the Web Application with correct Authentication Configured. Move the Content Database From Source to Destination farm. Attach the ...


This is 2 step exercise and yes you can keep the permissions intact. you have to move/copy all your required users from Domain A to Domain B. Check this technet for how to move it using powershell. Once all user in Domain B, then you have to run the Migrate User stsadm command to update user profile with correct domain. This will preserve all their ...

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