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You can't create DocSet with Sharepoint 2013 workflow but you can create DocSet with Sharepoint 2010 workflow. Kind Regards


Hello Spideynok and welcome to SharePoint Stack Exchange. The simple answer to your question, is that you can indeed access documents without having the Microsoft Office Suite installed using "Office Web Apps". Please see the TechNet link below, which will guide you in setting up and viewing some videos on the functionality. Per Microsoft, When used ...


You can refer to below link to get info on Approval Work Flows: Understand approval workflows in SharePoint 2010


The Document Approval workflow routes a document to a group of people for approval. The approval stage can be serial or parallel meaning approvers can do review in serial order (one at a time) or in a parallel order (all at once). Document Approval Workflows are created using out of the box workflow "Approval - SharePoint 2010" or can also be created as a ...


You can yes. It would simply add the new column to the list, existing list items would have no value for the field until someone edits the item. New items the field will be available for users.

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