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You need to implement Event Handler on the document library. In the event handler, that fires when document is added/modified, you an do whatever required in order to push these changes outside SharePoint.


I have used a page for end users to create a document set without having to fill out the new form. Sometimes the create form can become cumbersome and is not the easiest to customize. For that reason I prefer to have end users create the new document set, then give them a link to a default edit form that I can customize to what they need to see. .txt file ...


I just opened the new document set form by going to ribbon > files > new document > new document set, copied the url and created a quick launch link with the same url. It works fine for me. Steps : Go to ribbon > files > new document > new document set in the given list Copy the whole URL In the right, at the bottom of the quick launch ...


I think you should try to override display template using JSLink . Target url u can find in SPD in appropriate content type settings. For me this url is _layouts/15/NewDocSet.aspx. I guess u have the same. In addition calling this page u have to pass different params like List={list id}&Source={all items link}&ContentTypeId={content type ...


Atlast I found the solution. <a id="{concat($currentId,'_Title')}"> <xsl:attribute name="href"> <xsl:call-template name="substring-before-last"> <xsl:with-param name="list" select="url"/> <xsl:with-param name="delimiter" select="'/'"/> </xsl:call-template> ...


I've tried in Sharepoint 2013 (activating the Collect Feedback Workflow from 2010) And works well with more than 12000 characters (twelve thousand). Doing some research I've found an useful link about SharePoint storing textareas as "nText" SQL Type. What is the max limit for number of characters in multiline text in Sharepoint?

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