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That is a feature, SharePoint does not out of the box support permission levels on folder structures.


By default OOTB Document Set Content type allows only OOTB Document content type files to be created inside it. Go to Library settings page--> Click on the Document set content type--> Document Set Settings --> Check the Content types allowed in the Document Set . Add the content types whose templates you need to be available. Now if you are using the ...


I don't know how many projects will be created throughout the span of your application or the background of your requirement , but i would suggest an alternative plan of considering to make your Project as a sub site instead of Document Set, since you need a separate task list,risk list, site feed etc for each project. So alternative way would be : Create ...


I doubt if it would be possible to do so if you want to use the out-of-the-box webparts. If I would have to solve something like this a the moment, I would build a small AngularJS app, add that app to the document set page and call the rest endpoint of the task list(s) to get the data. Depending on the context of the Angular app you could set a filter on the ...

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