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Depending on your settings, the newform.aspx page will either open in a dialog (iframe) or open in a new page. Here is how I address this issue in my SPELL library: I don't pass the ID in the URL, but instead I run a script on newform.aspx that follows these steps: When the new form opens, check the parent window if the parent exist (dialog), then the ID ...


You can parse the ID parameter from query string in Dispform.aspx, once you have the ID value you can update "Add new Item" link and pass ID from DispForm.aspx. Please refer to Parse Query String from Javascript to parse URL and get value from Query String.


You can get the ID from newFile, check out SP.File.listItemAllFields You'll need to include the property in your load: clientContext.load(newFile, 'ListItemAllFields'); Then you can access the ID with: newFile.get_listItemAllFields().get_id();

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