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I want to add to the two lists above Dispose the SPWeb obtained by iterating over the Site.AllWebs collection


Here is what to dispose and what not to dispose:- SPC110201: Dispose created SPSite objects SPC110203: Dispose SPWeb objects created with SPSite.OpenWeb SPC110204: Dispose SPSite objects created with SPSite.SelfServiceCreateSite SPC110205: Dispose SPWeb created by SPLimitedWebPartManager SPC110211: Dispose SPSite created by SPSiteCollection.Add ...


SPWeb SPSite The web in SPLimitedWebPartManager The site in UserProfiles.PersonalSite Also for publishing webs, closing: Close PublishingWeb created by PublishingWeb.GetPublishingWebs[] index operator Close PublishingWeb created by PublishingWeb.GetVariation Close PublishingWeb created by PublishingWebCollection.Add from ...

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