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With regards to automating emails with regards to replies I have used multiple status indicators to help prevent multiple notifications. For instance, have a status1 and a status2. status1 is your master status, status2 is specific to a reply. status1 defaults to "submitted". status2 defaults to "pending". You can then create a workflow where you check ...


You could also try the "Sharevoyance Comments" app for SharePoint online and SharePoint 2013 on-premise. This app allows you to click on your documents in a tree view, and then see everyone's comments in a central location. This may be preferable to the built-in functionality. Here's a link to the Office store: ...


You can create a folder structure in discussion boards. To do this, create a new Site Content Type say called 'Discussion Folder' based on the Folder Content Type with the Parent Content Type as a Discussion (Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Site Content Types) Then, add the new content type (Add from existing site content types) in Discussion Boards List. ...


This might be duplicate of the Create a folder structure in a discussion board. Please have a look to this link and let me know whether this helped you.

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