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Discussion forum > List Settings > Advanced Settings > Item Level Permissions should take care of that. See the screenshot. Select "Create items and edit items that were created by the user" in the Create and Edit access section.


You need to create two lists, Issues and Discussions with a lookup column on each referring to the other list (so, in the Issues list the lookup column points to Discussions and in the Discussions list the lookup column points to Issues). Then, you create a worflow attached to the Issues list with the following configuration: Inside the "Create item in ...


I would imagine the content is most important here. One way to do this, might be to export your source Discussion Board to Excel, then use one of the open source projects from Codeplex to import that content into your target Discussion Board. https://spimporter.codeplex.com/


In Discussion Board for storing questions (Body field in Discussion Content Types) and answers (Body field in Message Content Type) is used Enhanced Rich Text field that allows to upload files and insert file links. So, Upload file RTE command could be used to upload files into Documents library and insert links into questions and answers in ...


As you say it is quite subjective, here are some thoughts: Do invest time into proper IA (Site topology, navigation) - basically the way you structure sites will directly impact how easy would be for handling security and allowing people to use these across site collections/sites. If you have multiple site collections is more complicated to roll-up content ...


One approach is to add the existing field "Append-Only Comments" to your document library and activate versioning. Than you have the same behaviour like the "Comments"-Column in the "Issue Tracking"-List. Everytime a user edits an item the user can add a new comment with username and timestamp. Sure, you don't have the same features like the discussion ...

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