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In order to perform an Update operation, the following issues/typos should be fixed in the specified example 1) REST endpoint There is a typo in the specified request /_vti_bin/ListData.svc/RSSData?$filterId eq <ItemID> The proper syntax for request is /_vti_bin/ListData.svc/RSSData?$filter=Id eq <ItemID> ,where filter operator is used to ...


For every web application you can do the following: Get your timer job definition (SPJobDefinition) from SPWebApplication.JobDefinitions Get the guid: string jobDefID = SPJobDefinition.Id.ToString(); Add the guid in the query string http://srvr/_admin/JobEdit.aspx?JobId=jobDefID


If you're asking what I think you're asking, you need the ability for users to perform an advanced search on custom columns, with the user selecting a value from dropdowns in order to search on using fixed values (rather than the default free-text experience). If that's what you need, you should look at the SP Search Extension webpart on Codeplex. We had a ...


You can use SPWeb.GetFile method to get the SPFile object from string URL. Then you can use SPFile.OpenBinary method and so on.. Of course you will need SPWeb object of the site where the file exists..


There is a FieldMultiLineText class in CSOM which is equivalent to SPFieldMultiLineText class of Server object model.You can try the below code : dish.FieldValuesAsText["Ingredients"]; Also you have to include the FieldValuesAsText property in the load statement like below: context.Load(dishes,items=>items.Include(item=>item.FieldValuesAsText));


Right click on the solution and select Package. This will build a WSP in either your debug or release folder. Copy this WSP to a web front end and use Powershell to add it to the solutions and then install it. Add-SPSolution c:\yourproject.wsp Install-SPSolution –Identity yourproject.wsp –WebApplication http://sp2010 -GACDeployment Or use the add ...


ActiveX will only work with IE, that is definitive. There are products that mask this (such as Firefox extensions), but they are still using IE to render their pages. The only way I can see this working is to create custom server side webservice that you can call that will get the item and send the message from the server, but that takes Outlook out of ...

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