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Add a hidden field in the destination list. Name it MovedBy and set default value to empty. Make this field hidden so normal user will not see this. On Workflow A, when you move the document set the field MovedBy to WorkflowA. Now to identify the documents you just need to look into the field MovedBy


You can create a view with following filters [Created] = [Me] Or [Approver] = [Me] Then provide only Contribute permission to the users so they won't modify the view.


How do you have the "To" field configured? Is it a lookup? I'm not 100% on that specific error but it's possible the system can't find who to send the email to.


Workflow is not the ideal technical solution for this requirement. If possible use a timer job that runs every day and process based on a configuration list. I will provide step on how to implement this via a workflow, but it will be tricky to implement You can create a custom list with following fields User - Person field Order - Number field Now you ...

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