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While answering Web App Level Feature not showing in SharePoint 2013 I realized the same question had poped-up recently. I searched and found it (this one); I had read it quickly two weeks ago, and that did not ring a bell at that time. It did ring a bell with the other question raised one hour ago. So the new one is actually a dup of this one, but here's ...


Faced simile issue and below is my situation. Your might be the same. I had 3 box in my farm one CA, and two WFE. When we browse CA we could not see one of our Web Application level feature but we see other Web Application feature. In our case WSP which was deploying invisible feature was not deployed globally. You will only see feature which is part of ...


From your project in Visual Studio, right click on the project name and click on Properties. From there choose the SharePoint tab and in the Active Deployment Configuration choose No Activation.

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