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I am not sure about the script why it is throwing the error, I would rather recommend you to post his Blog may be he will give you answer why it is failing. Did you check these commands from Gary. http://www.falchionconsulting.com/PowerShellViewer/Default.aspx I would also recommend you to use the 3rd party tools which have the atleaset 14 days trail. If ...


My advice is do not use xml list templates. It will give you many headaches when you are upgrading the solutions, creating lookups and etc... I would suggest create a feature receiver and create the list in the feature activated event. With the C# code you get much flexibility and opportunities to change the things around without affecting the existing ...


I have noted the common issues and solutions w.r.t distributedcache http://sharepointjournal.com/2014/08/19/sharepoint-2013-distributed-cache-boon-or-bane/

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