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Here is the powershell command to deploy WSP to particular web application only : Install-SPSolution your_solution_name.wsp –webapplication http://server1:123 –GACDeployment


SharePoint solutions (non-sandboxed) can be deployed at both two scopes "Globally" and "Web Application". As stated by bloger Jan Steenbeek at Deploying solutions to a specific Web Application: "SharePoint has the annoying" (Debatably) "habit of forcing you to deploy globally whenever possible. When you try to deploy a global solution to a specific url ...


Short answer: a WSP cannot be deployed on a given Web app. First of all, a WSP can contain different artefacts: _layousts files (application pages, JavaScript, CSS, images...): those "resources" are by definition available to all the SharePoint farm. Features Features that embed a Web part or anything else that requires a web.config modification. In ...


I suggest you to try the GACUtil tool to try to deploy your assembly, just to test if it is deployable to the GAC at all. If the deployment still fails, this tool might provide you additional information about the reason of the error, that you can use to resolve the issue itself.

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