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There is a more fail-safe approach than what @lwbecker2 suggests Get-SPSolution | ? { $_.JobExists } | % { Write-Host "Deployment job is currently running" } This has the benefit of not having a race condition. If you only look for the timer job, it may be that a deployment has already been initiated, but a timer job was not yet created when you check for ...


The feature will also need to be activated in order for web part to show up. The next time you deploy a WSP, the feature will remain activated/deactivated depending on its state. That is, if the feature is activated and you deploy the WSP again, you won't need to activate the feature. However, if it is deactivated, it need to be activated again.


As is evident from the first error there is an issue with finding assembly information. This may mean you may have changed namespace, class name etc. Normally AlwaysForceInstall = true should take care of the feature which is not uninstalled. Value TRUE specifies that the Feature is installed by force during installation even if the Feature is already ...


The Event Receivers can only be Scope at Site or Web. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/ms431081(v=office.14).aspx I believe you would need to use a Feature Stapler. For existing sites, you will need to activate the feature manually, either using the UI, or powershell loop that activates the feature everywhere. Then you need a feature ...

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