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Can you create custom result resource for your data, select the result source you have created while building the query and see if you can see the Publishing start date under sorting section of query builder. I hope you have set the managed property to be sortable.


Create 4 fields: NewDate as Date only FixedHr as Number limited to max-min of 10-17 FixedMin (Boolean or Yes/No) Calculated Field to Concatenate the 3 fields above. Something like: =Concatenate(NewDate, FixedHr, ":", FixedMin)


If you're using jQuery, you can add the following piece of code (on DOM ready) into the content editor webpart inside the new/edit form. $("select[id$='DateTimeFieldDateMinutes']").each(function() { var ddMinutes = $(this); ddMinutes.children().remove(); //Remove options for(var i=0; i<60; i++) { if (i < 10){ i = '0' + i; } ...

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