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All credits to Christophe http://blog.pathtosharepoint.com/2013/10/31/trick-or-treat-group-items-by-month/ Basic concept is to use a Calculated Column and pad the string with spaces (which your browser ignores) =REPT( " " , 13-MONTH(Modified) ) & TEXT( Modified , "mmmm" )


If you are allowed to create a column in list, then create a calculated column with formula as =IF([Month]="March", 03,IF([Month]="April",04)) this will generate the number for the corresponding order, later on, you can use this column to sort. If you want to make it work on a form for a field to display the options in sort, below should work. Create a ...


You aren't really going to be able to in that fashion with a string sort. You will need to make them 10 - October, 03 - March, 04 - April for them to sort correctly or introduce an ordering column as an alternate way to sort the values. Month----------------Year 03 - March----------------2016 04 - April----------------2016 10 - ...

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