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You can create different external systems for each of the database server. And use the external system while creation ECT's. I am not use using IP vs Name has any impact as both should resolve as expected.


Shrink the log files using the following statement. Do this OUT OF OFFICE HOURS! -- Connect to the database that you want to shrink USE <DATABASENAME>; -- Set the recovery model to SIMPLE ALTER DATABASE <DATABASENAME> SET RECOVERY SIMPLE; -- Issue a CHECKPOINT to purge out the inactive transactions CHECKPOINT; -- Shrink the transaction log ...


Some things to consider: Make use of the object cache. You can always beef up SQL--add more memory. You can also add more servers to your farm to open up two lanes of possible web traffic. Retention policies can be set into place to clean up an environment of unused sites, content, historical data, tests, junk, redundancy, etc. On that note, you could set ...


I recommend you start with this book, "Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010". The first 4 chapters can be read online at MSDN this link: Book landing page: Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010 There are versions of this book for 2007 and 2013 too.

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