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I realize this is a old post but I have come across the same issue and a solution. For my SP 2013 farm we use AlwaysOn in SQL 2012 for our databases. For reasons I haven't been able to figure out the primary SQL server fails over to the secondary and this issue pops up with only the Subscription settings service database. I failover again making my 01 ...


We have to make few changes in "manage service applications" under central administration to enable windows authentication or Single sign on authentication. The below link gives complete description about how to do it. Hope this helps :) For Windows authentication to connect to external data source


In your scenrio before migration make sure following things. both sharepoint farm are on the same version level. all the custom solution deployed to test farm as they are in production authentication is properly configured in the test as you did in prod. Now for Content DB of web app. take the backup of content db from production web app restore it on ...


Yes, you can make ActionScript call the SharePoint REST endpoints. Provided you embed the SWF file directly in a SharePoint ASPX page, if you embed in an IFRAME you can't get out of the container.

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