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you can create a "Candidate number" calculated SharePoint column with the formula =CONCATENATE(Col1,[ID]) or using =Text[ID]


Confirmed this is a bug and it is reproducible. I guess maybe we should call it an "error" rather than a bug since they do have a message that specifically outlines what's going on. To me it is a bug because there are other commands in Access (such as "BrowseTo") that are more powerful and can replicate the same functionality. If I had known (and you know ...


Goto control was fixed, but you cannot move a control in another web form. So you cannot modify or change the controls say in another web form that might be doing your on-line banking. So goto control should work just fine, but the code has to be executed by code INSIDE the form in question. So if this form in question is a sub form, then the code has to be ...


The main reason Backup & Recovery (Requirements for backup and restore may not be met by the native SharePoint Server 2013 backup for content databases larger than 200 GB) of site collection, Monitoring & managing the Db. You can go upto 4TB Content database size (all usage scenarios), as you have only one site collection in that db. IF you meet the ...

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