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Most likely the location you saved the css file requires the document to be checked in and approved. Check that it is version 1.0 and approved.


Yes you can,check this video Sharepoint Salesforce.com Integration Or use the 3rd party App Chatter for SharePoint – the leading solution for integrating your SharePoint collaboration platform with SalesForce Chatter


Salesforce has an connected app architecture where you can register an app which will give an access uri and key to the required resources. you can now write a custom solution using the oath via the generated key and then get the access token. now pull the chatter information and store them in to sharepoint via onject model or CSOM


I suggest you to take a look at this article, and this one. I think the latter one will satisfy your needs as it is possible to associate a workflow to a list at runtime. Depending on your approach you choose between JSOM, CSOM or SSOM.

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