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Even though both of them do the same thing of attaching a css file to the page. The Sharepoint:CssRegistration has a little more advantages with respect to functionalities it can support. If you want your css to be loaded after another css or specify sharepoint relative urls to point to then you can use the SharePoint:CssRegistration . Please find below a ...


To provision the master page, you can use the old school method of applying the master page on the root site and all sub sites using the feature activation event. Also, don't forget to add an event receiver to apply the master page for newly created sites. This can be triggered on a web provisioning event. Beware that you will have to re-engineer the whole ...


If you are working with SharePoint 2013/Online then you can easily add a HTML master page using Design Manager/ SharePoint Designer and SP will generate the relevant .master file based on your design.

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