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The custom master page probably embeds a custom control. This requires the web.config to be edited so this new type is allowed on the Web application. Deploying the WSP package to that Web application (from CA) should automatically add the missing entries (SafeControls) in the corresponding web.config file.


The steps for changing the colour in SharePoint Online are: Navigate to Site Content --> Style Library --> desired language Create a new CSS file (if you already have a custom file you can append to that) Add the following CSS styles #O365_NavHeader, .o365cs-nav-rightMenus, #O365_MainLink_NavMenu Change the colour to suit your theme, note because ...


If it occurs in every popup than check the CSS class called "ms-dlgFrameContainer". Because it is your own custom master page so it might be possible that you placed display:none; css in that class for some reason.


Modifying or adding a custom Master Page is not recommended, but I also read a good post by Chris O'Brien about the matter where he discuss when to use a custom master page. However since you are not in control of Microsoft updates to Office 365 it is still a risky path for production environments. Best is if you can have all branding and customization via ...

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