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As far as where to start you need to define what your goal is. What you do / don't want to see when they open form on iPhone in particular. If you are using SP2013 with Enterprise CAL's then you have access to design manager and device channels which make it pretty easy to drop in a different look just for iPhone or other mobile users. This approach ...


One way at least is to use this CSS: .ms-formtoolbar { display: none; }


Alex, You should set the control as follow: MyCustomField.ItemFieldValue = "1"; MyCustomField.Field.DefaultValue = "1"; Where 1 is for true, and 0 is for false


Using powershell, should be something like: $web = Get-SPWeb http://path/to/web $list = $web.GetList("/server/relative/path/Lists/ListUrl") $list.DefaultDisplayFormUrl = "/server/relative/path/Lists/ListUrl/displayifs.aspx" $list.DefaultEditFormUrl = "/server/relative/path/Lists/ListUrl/editifs.aspx" $list.DefaultNewFormUrl = ...


How about creating a custom list and make a Datasheet View as default? And of course set the item level permission to "Read items that were created by the user" and "Create items and edit items that were created by the user".

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