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Hey I recommend you to create a webpart with the form as you like and insert the details into your custom list where you don't need to expose your list to anybody. Let me know if you have any questions.


I just want to add one thing, you should not override PreSaveItem - this is a SharePoint built in function. Instead, like mentioned above - override/create PreSaveAction. But: be sure to remember you may not be the only one doing so. So, the correct way to do it is this, which will call other overrides if existed before your code: __OriginalPreSaveAction ...


In your custom form use Client Side Rendering and render the desired people picker column with the default template, i.e. SPClientPeoplePickerCSRTemplate. This will automatically render your column as you desire. Source


Following is the way to achieve this requirement Create one document library with "ItemID" field Add one hyperlink field to your actual list to store PDF url Create one word document with placeholder 3.1. You need to enable "Developer Tools" in word. Follow this link to do so 3.2. Design your document exactly same as your display form and add "TextBox ...

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