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Try working the opposite way arround. Let them upload their resume as document in a document library. Create a content type with all the needed information that they need to fill out. Make sure that the users can only view their own entries/uploads.


You need to override the SPFieldText Class. Add the required constructors. public ISBNField(SPFieldCollection fields, string fieldName) : base(fields, fieldName) { } public ISBNField(SPFieldCollection fields, string typeName, string displayName) : base(fields, typeName, displayName) { } Now you need to override the class in which you are ...


You can create your custom field with Visual studio which is inherited from SPFieldText. For sample code: public class EmailField : SPFieldText { public EmailField(SPFieldCollection fields, string fieldName) : base(fields, fieldName) { } public EmailField(SPFieldCollection fields, string typeName, string ...

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