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If you just want to add a custom CSS and JS to your master page, then instead of creating a new master page, try the following and check if it works for your purpose. For Custom CSS : Use the Alternate CSS Url to set a custom CSS File. For referring a custom JS file follow this approach - ...


You can edit the master page HTML file and then add your CSS & JS references. The best practice is to take a copy of seattle.html (html master page) and then work on that. SharePoint online refer custom css and javascript in MasterPage (Site Assets)


The above answer is not right. It is totally unnecessary to touch corev15.css. These are the steps to apply custom CSS to SharePoint site hosted at Office 365. Find "Site Collection Features" setting and enable all features with name "publishing" in it. Find "Manage Site Features" setting and enable all feature with name "publishing" in it. Find "Master ...

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