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Check in and publish as major version the masterpage


You can get it like this $(document).on("click", ".btn", function (e) { var x = $('.content > table > tbody > tr:nth-child(2) > td:nth-child(2)').text(); alert(x); }); Or you can use $(document).on("click", ".btn", function (e) { $('.content > table td').each(function(index){ if(index == 4) alert($(this).text()); ...


Its seems Microsoft is evaluating height value dynamically. Hence your code has no effect. You can try adding below CSS into your Master Page #resultcontent { height: 400px !important } .ms-pickerresultdiv { height: 400px !important }


You can complete this using JSLink. JSLink is a property that controls rendering of fields, items and even Web Parts through a JavaScript file. It will overwrite supply a header and footer and then a JavaScript method (function pointer) to execute for each list item. Please look at this post for more details. Example how to overwrite item, footer and ...

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