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If this is an App part, the content is inside an IFRAME. You'll first have to get the IFRAME then myChart Something like this: document.getElementById('iframeIDhere').contentWindow.document.getElementById('myChart')


Posting comment as answer I don't think it's because it's in the Master Page gallery. I just checked and it works fine. Is your master page in the same folder as /_catalogs? On checking using <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="CSSFile.css">, I get only the name of the file in the href part and not /_catalogs. Make sure CSS reference is ...


Learning is making a thousand mistakes The SharePoint DOM structure is not an easy one, add the whole dynamic part where server or client side code can change layout. And you get a more complex page than any webpage out there. If you don't know webdesign HTML/CSS then start with the basics, just like you started with a simple colorbook many moons ago. ...

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