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You can easily add a content editor webpart and add in your CSS in the HTML editor. Or you can add your CSS to a text file, then using a content editor webpart, you can reference that text file and it will include the css in that page.


I tried the following inside a custom css file, but this will only remove the “Documents” text , but not the whole row. Looking at your CSS, this is because you are only removing the three table cells but not the actual row, which is what you want to remove. You should be able to accomplish this using the jquery .parent() selector (since the TR does ...


If you're using a custom stylesheet try going to Site Settings on your top level site -> Master Page (under Look and Feel) -> For Theme and Alternate CSS URL check 'Reset all subsites to inherit..'


Add the following CSS and reference it from your masterpage: <style> #aspnetForm[action*="Home.aspx"] #pageContentTitle {display:none;} </style> where Home.aspx is the page you want to hide the title from.


you can edit the page directly using sharepoint designer, then add your snippet of code directly, it will break the page definition... but that normally isn't a big deal.

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