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If you have deployed the CSS file to the Style Library or an Assets library, make sure it is checked in as a major version and approved. It could be possible that your page layout is not published and approved as well. This is the typical symptom when an asset is not approved, it works fine for admins but not general users.


A ductape patch is adding a negative margin-top <div style="margin-top:-200px"> YOUR CONTENT </div>


Best practice is to activate the "SharePoint Server Infrastructure Publishing feature" on the site collection level and activate the "SharePoint Server Publishing feature" on the team site. Make a copy of the master page you want to use as template, give it a unique name and start branding. Never ever edit the default files of SharePoint since you may break ...


You can put the code of loading external css file in JS only. Give it a try for below code: var cssId = 'myCss'; // you could encode the css path itself to generate id.. if (!document.getElementById(cssId)) { var head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; var link = document.createElement('link'); link.id = cssId; link.rel = ...


Ok, here's what's happening: // select ALL elements that are .block .title h2 span and loop through them $(".block .title h2 span").each(function(index) { // find the length of the text of THIS PARTICULAR element var x=$(this).text().length; // if the length of THIS PARTICULAR element is > 29 if(x > 29) { // change the ...


What did you put in your CCS class fontIncrease Do other (SharePoint) CSS Selectors have more CSS Specificity? You can make your CSS definitions more !important .fontIncrease{ font-size:1.5em !important; color:grey !important; } or stick a style="font-size:1.5em;color:grey" attribute on the field

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