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Crawl Rule https://eDocs/sites/FsOperation/*.doc, *.docx etc Exclude these path. Need to verify this as it is based on file extension Remove allowed file types from Search Service Application – GLOBAL IMPACT ACROSS complete Search Services Application Remove column which contains document text from crawled property list / managed property list – GLOBAL ...


Given the Content Source is for a particular FQDN that is not in another Content Source (e.g. an sps3 crawl versus a crawl of the same MySites FQDN), you can either use a hosts file on the crawler to redirect as needed, or use the SiteDataServer property if the Content Source target is a Web Application.


Search aggregates all the data across the farm into it's own database. When using the everything vertical from a search page, it is returning the user everything they have access to that matches that term. Search is global. If your site collection is limited in access to a few people, then rest assured that only those people can access the content contained ...

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