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To improve your application (to reduce the time difference between new item added/changes and that to reflect on your content Search webpart) , you can try below things: Create a separate content source for your application site collection.(This is to reduce the crawl duration) Configure continuous crawl for that content source.The default interval of ...


No it has nothing to do with search, In addition to being able to specify policies for content types, you can also specify policies for libraries / folders. Policies set at this level override policies set at the content type level. For more information please go through the following links they specify the retention policies set for lists and libraries, ...


No it is not depending upon the search, rather their are two timer job which are responsible for this. Information Management Policy Expiration Policy So make sure both jobs are enable and running, Both are schedule to run weekly. You can run it manually but make sure Information management Policy will run 1st.

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