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DateFormat property is used for specifying the date and time formatting for the CoreResultsWebPart web part. By default search results in the web part are displayed in DateOnly format. Usage This property could not be specified using web part editor, so please consider another options for specifying it value, for example SharePoint Designer or ...


SharePoint stores date value in UTC format. While rendering the data SharePoint converts it to local time and displays it correctly. In your case the UTC date value is returned from Search. While displaying the data you should change it to local time (By customizing the XSLT etc.) http://itblog.wolthaus.net/2011/09/sharepoint-stores-dates-in-utc-time/ For ...


It turns out that this site is set No Crawl. I saw the error when having a look at Crawl Log. To make the site crawled, you can go to Search and offline availability in Site Setting and select Yes for Allow this site to appear in search results?


In order the column to be picked and create crawled property, there should be at least one valid value associated with it. So add some data and then do a full crawl. Note - in some cases I obeserved fixing this by restarting the search Windows service.

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