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You can't do this using out of the box workflow actions. I don't know any 3rd party workflow actions set which works with SharePoint 2013 workflows and allows to copy documents. There are only custom actions for SharePoint 2010 workflows. For now you have three options: To break your head with Call HTTP web service workflow action. You can try to call ...


Copy does just that, does a one for one copy from the source to the destination. After the copy succeeds, I'd make another SPServices call using UpdateListItems to blank out the fields you don't need populated.


Switching between SharePoint Online (Plan 1) with Yammer and Office 365 Enterprise E3 made no difference. Copied formatted text from Word 2013 was pasted in a new Enterprise Wiki page. Every formatting pasts correct with formatting information. Header 1 in Word is Header 1 in the Enterprise Wiki page, bold is bold, italic is italic and so on. Everything ...

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