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I have tried implementing what you want to and it is working for me. Here are the steps I followed: 1) Create New Site Collection http://spurl/sites/test 2) Create Sub Site under that http://spurl/sites/test/sub 3) In the Term Store, created a a new TermGroup, TermSet and Term under it in the following order: 4) Also seen in the image, I assigned the ...


You can add something like this to your query: AND site = 'http://blah/subsite/anothersite' But in general I'd recommend that you move to KeywordQuery syntax instead of FullTextSqlQuery as the later isn't supported by FAST.


Ok, I found the solution: This line from xml should have been deleted: <Property Name="ScopeDisplayGroupName"></Property> When i delete that line and redeploy, I receive the expected results. Hope this will help other people.


You can refine the search by using the syntax PropertyName:Value. e.g. Title:Bob. You may find all available properties ("Managed Properties") in the search settings, from the CA. Some links: Default managed properties are listed here: See existing properties: ...

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