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I have tried implementing what you want to and it is working for me. Here are the steps I followed: 1) Create New Site Collection http://spurl/sites/test 2) Create Sub Site under that http://spurl/sites/test/sub 3) In the Term Store, created a a new TermGroup, TermSet and Term under it in the following order: 4) Also seen in the image, I assigned the ...


Ok, I found the solution: This line from xml should have been deleted: <Property Name="ScopeDisplayGroupName"></Property> When i delete that line and redeploy, I receive the expected results. Hope this will help other people.


You can add something like this to your query: AND site = 'http://blah/subsite/anothersite' But in general I'd recommend that you move to KeywordQuery syntax instead of FullTextSqlQuery as the later isn't supported by FAST.


You can refine the search by using the syntax PropertyName:Value. e.g. Title:Bob. You may find all available properties ("Managed Properties") in the search settings, from the CA. Some links: Default managed properties are listed here: See existing properties:

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