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During a crawl, a crawled property is automatically created for the site column. Say for example we have 2 site columns (Color and weight). The name of this property is generated by removing spaces from the site column name, and adding a prefix. The prefix that is added varies depending on the site column type. For example, we get the following crawled ...


There is a reason why Document Center, Records Center have a different threshold (an interesting could be found here). Because many functionalities are disabled for those particular Templates, which makes it a lot more to be used to "non-living" content. Of course, the issues mentioned by Waqas are absolutely valid, and design should prime - and it's all ...


Check whether these display templates are present in the MasterPage Gallery inside Display Templates -->Content WebParts. If they exist, then select the Item template html--> Click View Properties --> Check Target Control Type (Search) property has Content Web Parts selected. If not edit the properties and select it.


One thing, keep in mind.it is unsupported to run the queries against the Content DBs. You can track the Storage with couple of ways. get the list of All site collections Now from central admin check the Site storage either central admin or powershell Now sum up and compare with Content DB size. From here you will get the largest site collection. Now ...

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