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there are two methods - > 1) as MLF noted goto the root site collection level as your subsites will inherit the site content type from the root when your in site settings -> under Site Collection Administration click on -> Go to top level site settings and that should send you to the correct location -> click on site content types 2) goto a document ...


Make sure you are on the Root site of your Site Collection when you click Settings > Site Settings. You we're probably on a sub-site when you clicked the settings.


Yes, you need to have a content type hub where to create your content type and then publish it to all your sites in the farm. Thus, you will have the content type available everywhere, whenever you need it. See the following blog post on how to create a content type hub: ...


If you look at your Site Contents and find the document library 'Pages' and/or 'SitePages' that's where all of your wiki pages will be located. You can insert that on your Home page and create a view on that document library and use it as a 'Table of Contents'. It might not be exactly what you're looking for, but it's completely OOTB and no coding ...


I found this post while trying to find the same answer a while ago. Link to post. For convenience purposes here are links posted from the post. Add navigation table to wiki page SP 2010 workaround, should be valid for 2013 Both claim to be valid for 2013. Hope this helps!

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